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Client Feedback

"Jon has helped me to discover my potential and keeps pushing me to improve. Most importantly
the sessions are fun and hard work which is what I wanted. My fitness and strength have
improved drastically since I started training with Jon and that keeps motivating me to become
even better. "

A.J.M. aged 31 (IT Administrator)

"My training at JC:PT is fun, friendly, enjoyable with results - and of course discipline is a must!"

L.V. aged 38 (Office Executive)

"I can highly recommend Jon as a personal trainer. He is never less than enthusiastic and motivating.
What really stands out is Jon's knowledge of different exercises and training approaches.
Having trained with Jon for several months my core stability has improved and I am
beginning to get back a feeling of fitness that I had gradually lost over the years.
I personally would not use anyone else now that I have trained with Jon."

B.V. aged 30 (Lawyer)

"After many years of a sendentary lifestyle and completely ignoring my physical fitness,
I was initially very sceptical about being able to keep up with regular work-out routines.
Jon gradually built my confidence and suggested exercise routines that struck the right balance
between being versatile, challenging and safe. The routines and techniques were very simple
and can be practiced in any room, gym, garden etc. This aspect make the results sustainable
and I have continued to enjoy the benefits even after moving out of Gibraltar."

"Jonís enthusiastic commitment to overall wellness is contagious
and he is a very interesting and interested person.
I truly enjoyed my training sessions with Jon
and still use many routines and workout techniques."

V.V.U. aged 37 (Business Owner)

"I recommend Jon to anyone who is looking for a well-rounded fitness programme.
Jonís enthusiasm and energy are infectious and even the most lethargic of individuals (as I was)
will find themselves with a positive attitude and a commitment to fitness in a manner of weeks.
I am yet to see an equally effective trainer, even in the UK."

S.B. aged 35 (Managing Director)

"I have benefited hugely from PT with Jon Cruz.
His premises are conveniently located in Town Centre and very handy for people who work in that area.
The gym has all the equipment necessary to do a work out involving all muscle groups.
But Jon goes further and teaches training methods,
including stretches, that need no special equipment and can be practised almost anywhere.
Jon is patient and his expertise is clear and confidence-inspiring.
Whether you want to lose weight or just get back in shape, I can thoroughly recommend Jon Cruz."

S.D. aged 44 (Lawyer)

"I recommend Jon as a Persoanal Trainer and motivator.
Retiring at age 60 from a physically active job I was concerned my fitness would deteriorate.
I was especially concerned at loosing body suppleness and coordination through normal aging.
Having trained with Jon I have actually IMPROVED on my physical fitness
and suppleness and find myself better motivated. I recommend Jon as a Personnal Trainer.
He designs sessions to my ability."

M.V. aged 60 (Retired Civil Servant)

"I made the decision to see a personal trainer when I was 48 years old
with the view of improving both my physical and mental health.
That was nearly 4 years ago and I have been seeing Jon on a weekly basis ever since.
He targets the areas you want him to but also throws CV and free body weight exercises
into the mix so sessions can be both varied and demanding.

For me itís been well worth both the money and the effort and as I near my 52nd birthday
I feel more alert and healthier than I have done since my 30`s!

JCPT gives a great level of personal training and I can highly recommend him!"

J.P. aged 51 (Self-Employed Business Entrepreneur)

"Jon offers a friendly and professional service - his training sessions are modified
to help you become better in your chosen sport or to simply help you achieve your goals
whether they are to become fitter, stronger or bigger.
He uses various equipment that normally wont be found in a gym,
he will also motivate you during your work out so that you really get the most out of the session.
Also takes notes so that your progression is monitored,
you are set challenging targets and you achieve your goals quickly."

V.B. aged 23 (Junior Operations Officer)