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Welcome to JC:PT
(Jon Cruz Personal Training Gibraltar)

Before you train with us at JC:PT you need to read the Terms & Conditions as its content are very important.

It will only take you around 97 seconds to read it!!

Here you will receive quality guidance towards your health and fitness goals by your experienced Personal Trainer.

Personal Training sessions normally take place in our recently refurbished, centrally located, private fitness studio in Gibraltar. Other locations may include your own home, outdoors, sportshalls and swimming pools. You may also work out with a partner or form part of a small group.

At JC:PT, we guarantee you a healthy variety of training sessions, where you will be progressively challenged in a fun, safe and supportive environment. We pride ourselves on the customer service and value we offer you.

If you are looking for cheap personal training in Gibraltar, then JC:PT is not for you.

Your training at JC:PT is a serious commitment, and as such we only take on clients who are seriously committing to a minimum of a 3 months training with a minimum of training twice a week (or more) and paying in advance on a monthly basis (not per session). Otherwise, we only accept exceptional cases.

Commit yourself in taking action towards enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

1:1 Personal Training Partner Training Group / Corporate Training

"When you are interested, you'll do what's convenient.
When you are committed, you'll do whatever it takes."

(John Assaraf)

Are you just interested or seriously committed to improving your health & fitness?