Why Choose Jon Cruz Personal Training?

Nowadays, personal training courses are becoming more popular, and as a result, some inexperienced individuals may qualify after attending a 1 or 2 day course. There are courses online, which one does not even have to physically attend!

On the other hand, rest assured that JC:PT has accumulated a wealth of practical experience as an international athlete (since 1987), sports university post-graduate (1991-1995), P.E. teacher (1995-2002) and Personal Trainer in Gibraltar (since 2002).

Our focus is not on empty promises and selling short-term sessions, but to guide you to become an habitual exerciser, in order for you to achieve your long-term health and well-being goals.

We ensure that you remain on your positive path towards your goals, and help you to overcome the obstacles you may encounter.

We also believe in keeping abreast of new health and fitness tendencies, and attend numerous International Fitness Conventions.

"When you are interested, you'll do what's convenient.
When you are committed, you'll do whatever it takes."

(John Assaraf)

Are you just interested or seriously committed to improving your health & fitness?

Training sessions

With 1-to-1 personal training in our centrally located private studio in Gibraltar, you will benefit from quality individual supervision. This will enable you to enjoy from safe and effective training programmes. Your new training will surely be different and more varied than anything you may have experienced before.
Some people may see Personal Training as a luxury, but at JC:PT we know that it is an investment in your health and well-being. Your personal training sessions should be seen as a long-term valuable investment in your loved ones, for you will be healthier and more able to enjoy quality time with them.
If you are looking for cheap personal training in Gibraltar, then JC:PT is not for you.
We guarantee you our quality personal training services for your quality investment.

Working out with a partner is always a great way to keep yourself motivated.
In addition to this, personal training sessions carried out with a partner enable you to get a friend or family member involved in an investment into your health, and is often more fun than training alone.

In addition to its established 1-to-1 personal training and partner training sessions, Jon Cruz Personal Training (JC:PT) has recently expanded to offering group training.
We support forward-looking companies who encourage a wellness and healthy lifestyle for their employees.
JC:PT offers your company the opportunity to:

  • Improve employee productivity and morale.
  • Reduce absenteeism.
  • Develop a strong sense of camaraderie.
  • Improve health awareness.
  • Enjoy a positive return on investment for your employees.
  • Getting your office more energised.
  • Further enhance health awareness.
Group Size: 3 -12 people.
Duration of session: 50mins.
Location: Depending on day and time (normally in a sports-hall environment).
The larger the group the lower the financial investment per individual.
  1. You promote our services and your employees pay us themselves.
  2. Corporate Contribution: Where you pay a percentage of your employees fees.
  3. Full Corporate Contribution: Where you pay the full amount on behalf of your employees.